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I need a viagra source
increase a mans semen load size?
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Lifestyle Etiquette
I'm not sure how I should respond?
worried about him now agreeing to go & us being ignored
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Relationship Advice
We're stuck, and we need a boost.
It all felt fun and sexy until the girl and my bf were face to face dancing so sexy and were kissing. My heart dropped and I got so sad.
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Friendships, Clubs & More...
Are we doing something wrong here?
meet and greets in the SF Bay Area?
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Almost everything you wanted to know about the lifestyle, couples, bi curious females and swingers clubs... but were afraid to ask !!!

Question: Fun loving,sensual woman seeking baja cohorts

Dear Lounge Advice,
Hi, I am a single female and am looking to attend clubs and events. A large majority of them require a partner. How do you suggest I find a mate who would be about to attend? I would expect them to cover their share of the expenses. I see a lot of couples looking for a third female, but I desire a male party mate. Thanks TT2



Dear (Anonymous),

Many events will allow single females to attend solo.
Reach out to the Event promoter directly
(it should be included on the event post) and see if they will allow you to attend by yourself.

You can also post on your profile descriptive areas or in the Booty Call area that you are looking for someone to attend a specific event with you.

I'm sure you will get responses interested in joining you.

Question: Many friends too few playmates

Dear Lounge Advice,

Although we have been on for only a few short weeks, we have sent out 53 emails to as many couples and have 51 unread?
Are we doing something wrong here?
Please advise or we will have no choice than to continue with cancellation….




Dear (Anonymous),

You might want to completely fill out your profile for starters. Many of our members will not look at or respond to profiles that are "incomplete".
Your descriptive areas of your profile still show:
"I will get back to this very soon! In the meantime, please send an email."

Upon reviewing your profile you only have 2 photos posted and neither of them are very fun or sexy images. Not that it is required…but let's be honest… the sexier and more entertaining the images you post on your profile are the more views and interest your profile is going to get.

The more active you are on the site in the Booty Call, Forum and groups areas the more views your profile will get.

You might also want to consider attending an LL event in your area to actually meet other members.
You can view upcoming events in your area from the EVENT area on our Home Page.

Best of luck to you two :-)

Question: Exploration of this 'lifestyle' & if

Dear Lounge Advice,
My mate is bleeding after sex and when he uses the toilet it fills with blood. He is passing it into me. Can’t get him to see a

Anyone else out there with this problem. He thinks I broke it and it is scar tissue???



Dear (Anonymous),

ASAP ! ! !
TODAY ! ! !

I would suggest that you cease having sex with this person until he addresses this potentially serious health issue with a proper doctor.

Question: Hi there

Dear Lounge Advice,

How do we find meet and greets in the SF Bay Area?



Dear (Anonymous),

Check out the Events Area on our Home Page.
There is a Regional Events area that you can customize(Modify Locations) to review Events & Parties being held in areas near to where you reside.

Question: Fun couple looking for other couples and single fe

Dear Lounge Advice,

We own our own business where I worked closely with my wife for the last 3 years. An amazing opportunity came up for me at another place of employment, so I took it. That allowed us to hire another person to fill my vacancy at our business. The role this person took works very closely with my wife. It just so happens the person we hired and my wife have taken quite a liking to each other, and like to flirt a lot. However he is married, and I am not sure his wife would approve. We obviously don't want to do anything to ruin our business, or cause this guy to get divorced. However it is mutual flirting, and at one point it escalated to him grabbing my wife's breast under her bra. They both had a discussion on boundaries and decided for his sake, that kind of thing can't happen again (although my wife and I would be perfectly okay with it going all the way)

However 2 days later, they were flirting, pinching, and poking at each other and it eventually escalated to him pulling my wife's hands into his cock (over his clothes) and holding them there so she could feel him. He is obviously driving some of the flirting, but where should it end? I think its fun, my wife loves it, and apparently so does he. Granted, our business doesn't totally rely on this guy, so if he had to get another job it wouldn't be the end of the world. I just don't want him to get in deep shit with his wife over this. He is a nice guy, but my wife and him just happen to have the googly eyes for each other. Should I just let him be a grown up and let him decide how far he should take this? Or should we draw a hard line in the sand and just say no more flirting of any kind for the sake of this guys marriage?

All of the feelings and encounters between my wife and him throughout the day have been making my wife super ultra horny to the point where we have had the most sex that we have ever had in our entire lives (going on like 2 weeks straight right now. So we both don't want it to end for that reason, however I suspect one of these days the heat of the moment might catch them both right to the point where it escalates way beyond flirting. My wife does not want to be the cause of divorce for someone. What is your take on this?



Dear (Anonymous),

As employees of the same company(you two as the owners and him as the employee)you are ALL playing with fire.

Mixing "business with pleasure" on the job site is almost always a recipe for DISASTER !

Even if the flirting and playfulness is "mutual" between all parties involved it is like lighting off fireworks at an oil refinery….eventually something is going to "catch fire" and explode in one fashion or another.

Putting aside the fact that you as owners are putting yourselves and your business in SERIOUS legal peril for a lawsuit… internal "relationships" at a place of work never last last forever and eventually something will happen that usually ends in turmoil.
Something will change and what seems like fun & games for the moment could turn into volatile & hostile environment.

It sounds like things have been allowed to go to way too far already.

For the best interest of everyone and your business we would suggest that you all agree to keep the relationships at work purely "professional" going forward.

If this person was a "non-employee" our viewpoint on this situation would be very different. But since it is occurring at a place of business…that changes everything!

Question: V r the first timer...only playful couple

Dear Lounge Advice,

It's almost 10 days we r searching for like minded open couple & emailed to many particularly from India's Delhi Area.

But not a single response we get?

We feel r those real people or just fake profiles.

Do you hv some Indian groups for swap or interested in sexual encounters.

Kindly help, before we get disappointed.

Tans Sein



Dear (Anonymous),

Just because you don't get a reply does not mean the profiles you are contacting are not real people.
Some members are VERY protective of their personal privacy & security and may take a while to warm up to communicating with others…especially if they reside in an area of the world where "swinging" or the like may be frowned upon or conflict the the main religious or culture of that area.

We highly recommend that you get your profile certified "REAL" with our certification process.

After reviewing your profile we see your account in not certified with the real seal certification.
For privacy and security reasons many of our certified members will not engage or respond to no-certified profiles.

You can either request certification from another certified couple you have met in person or we can certify your account with a simple verification photo.(only for couples and females)

In order for us to certify your account you will need to send us a confidential verification photo of the two of you holding a "hand written" sign that says:
- lifestylelounge.com
- your member name
- the current date

Each of you must be holding a corner of the sign and your faces and bodies must be visible in the photo (clothing is preferred).

This photo will not be posted on the site…that is up to you.

The verification photo will also allow us to certify your account as a couple.

You can attach the photo to an email to our ADMINISTRATION profile here on the site or you may send it to admin@lifestylelounge.com

Also you can research our Groups area for what you are looking for using the "search" option in the groups home page.
Or consider starting your own group tailored for your wishes or prospects.

Don't give up :-)

Question: Fun Couple looking for like-minded friends!!

Dear Lounge Advice,

We're a regular couple with a bi wife looking to share women.. The thing is, we don't seem to get much attention, or at least not any attention from women, or couples my wife may be comfortable getting intimate with. Our limited meets and few experiences became discouraging so we took a long break to evaluate ourselves.

Now we're back, taking it slow and going with the flow. We've communicated about being more outgoing, however once my wife decided she didn't want another man things got even more complicated. Although I understand her feelings completely, this does leave us at a slight disadvantage due to the lifestyle being oriented for couple swapping.

At parties at a club and always felt like we may be a bit…intimidating? This is due to the way some people would look at us, and a gay friend of ours once told us he felt like women are intimidated by my wife, because one of his female friends mentioned her willingness to have a threesome with her but she had her own confidence issues and she wasn't sure if my wife would really be cool about it. We're stuck, and we need a boost.

Thanks a ton,

A wishful thinking husband



Dear (Anonymous),

Don't give up.

While most couples in the lifestyle are traditionally looking for "full swap" options there are plenty of couples where the female is able to play separately and single "bi orientated" females who enjoy joining other couples for a little threesome action.

Make sure your profile states exactly what you are looking for and at events/parties be honest and upfront about what experiences you are looking for when engaging other people.

If your lady sees a female that she is attracted to have her make first contact and research if the vibe is right between the two of them first before discussing or pursuing actual playtime.
If there is a "connection" have her explain the experiences she's looking for so the couple or female know what to expect.
Waiting until you get back to a room together and then setting out limitations can be very awkward and a mood killer for everyone involved…especially if it is another couple joining you that is expecting a "full swap" experience.

Your best bet is to contact profiles directly that your lady is interested in and be up front that you are only looking for threesome or bi/girl/girl play…with you having the option to watch and perhaps join in if there is an mutual attraction and option for that.

Good luck and keep your chin up :-)

Question: Fun loving couple looking for new adventures 

Dear Lounge Advice,
Hi I am new to the lifestyle. My bf, whom I am very much in love with, has had a lot more experience with all of it.
I’ve always been curious, even before him, so I don’t think it’s just because of him that I want to explore swinging. We had one fun night with another couple and it was a positive experience. I felt even closer to him, like having a naughty adventure with a best friend. We went back again last night and we were having a lot of fun again. There was one couple we were interested in, the girl was the one we were both interested in. We were all dancing and it was a lot of fun. The guy was complimenting me and being really affectionate and the girl was dancing with my bf. It all felt fun and sexy until the girl and my bf were face to face dancing so sexy and were kissing. My heart dropped and I got so sad.
I wasn’t expecting that to happen, it just came out of the blue. Then I went to sit down so my bf asked me if I wanted to leave. I was trying to pull myself together and figure out why I got that horrible sinking feeling. I don’t want him to think I can’t handle the lifestyle, we had a great experience the first time. I’m not even sure what came up to have that painful gut reaction. I’m just trying to figure out how to deal with these feelings and how to not have them and still be able to be adventurous with my bf



Dear (Anonymous),

Kissing is a VERY powerful thing…both receiving one and observing one.

Since "kissing" is generally and traditionally associated with "romance/love" it usually feels uncomfortable or down right negative to observe your partner giving or receiving a kiss from someone other than yourself so there is nothing wrong with how you are initially feeling.

That being said "kissing" in the lifestyle usually happens A LOT and can take some adjusting to at first if your new to it.

There are some couples who have no problems at all with their partner/spouse kissing other people during playtime but there are other couples who have strict "no kissing" rules they have agreed with their partner to honor as they view the "kissing" act as reserved only for their love mate/partner/spouse.

In the lifestyle and especially during play time "kissing" can be a huge turn on for the other partner to watch and other times not.

Usually there is no actual "love/emotion" going on…it is purely a form of physical foreplay…and nothing to be concerned about on a relationship level.

You and your partner really should spend some quality time talking about "kissing" and explore both of your feelings on the matter to come to an agreement to what you are both comfortable with and uncomfortable with during playtime.

Question: Aussie in Phoenix looking for tgirls for fun

Dear Lounge Advice,I was wondering if there are transgender tg ts shemale women im new to this and i dont know where to start mesa az



Dear (Anonymous),

While LL welcomes all walks of life….the major population of the membership is more traditional couple, couples with bi partners and singles.

LL Advice

Question: Fit mountain couple, friends first then lets see ?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Over the past year my wife and I have jokingly talked about a MFM threesome, albeit usually after some wine. She was actually the first to bring it up after reading some erotic stories. I'm interested because she is so insatiable and so hot to be with when she is. Anyway I've brought it up in round about conversations since and we've even watched a couple of videos that she seemed to enjoy. Just recently I told her of a MFM dream that I had (honestly did) and she responded "just give it up, its not going to happen".

What? Not sure why the direct about face but maybe the small town, reserved girl in her surfaced, or she had a bad night. What to do? Was I maybe too pushy, she really doesn't want a third, second guessing it all or should I simply confront her after some wine in the hot tub??
Lost at Sea



Dear (Anonymous),

You two need to talk opening and honestly about this when you are both sober and do some deep diving into your true feelings and fantasies.

Don't try to "trick" her into anything while she is "happy" on the influence of the vino…
If she has already said "NO" while completely sober and you put her in a situation while she is under the influence of alcohol…and she participates in something she may greatly regret later that will seriously damage her trust in you to watch over her and her values when she is not fully in control.

If you both agree that your on the same page then pursue that fantasies together as a team :-)

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