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Question: As a single male, what is the best way for me to find a bi-female?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I've been trying to find a bifemale who is interested in the lifestyle with zero results. I've only just joined this site. They say be honest, provide a photo and be yourself. I'm 51, and I think there aren't many Bifemales in my age group and the younger ones aren't interested in me unless I win the Lottery.
Hopefully someone here is looking for a nice, no-abusive male. Guess I'm too picky cause I like slender women.



Dear (Anonymous),

We made your question anonymous as we don't wish for this advice column to be used to meet people.

Join the club!! You are in competition for the small pool of single bi fems with thousands of other single men... and thousands of other couples... not an easy task...

In looking at your profile, one of the things that stands out is that picture you paint is one who is concerned very much about his own pleasure and being the center of attention. Perhaps if you turned that around you would be viewed as more attractive to a single woman.... they have feelings and desires too... Your profile reads more like someone looking for a toy rather than a person.. think about it!!

We are often told by single males how hard it is to find a single woman who is into the lifestyle. Our thoughts are that you have to develop a relationship with a woman first... and build the trust and comfort level to the point where lifestyle activities become an option.

If you are a single male who is just looking for sex that is one thing... but you shouldnt use the lifestyle as a springboard to try to form emotional relationships... if so.. you are setting yourself up for some dissappointments.
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