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Question: Our kids are grown up..should we tell them we are swingers?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have two boys ages 28 & 21. I would like to tell them about our lifestyle to get it out in the open. I do not like to make up stories about where we are going and how we know our friends from out of town They always ask a lot of questions about where we are going what we are going to do. I think our daughter inlaw knows but not sure. The wife thinks we should not tell them because they will think bad of us. They are kind of prudes. Last night we were out watching our youngest band play at a local bar and a guy came up and asked my wife to dance and when he finished his set he wanted to go hit the guy. I told him I'm not worried about it so he should not told him our love is much stronger than that.
Well what do you think??



Dear (Anonymous),

It's a tough call to make and since you know them personally you need to make your own decision on this matter.

Honesty is always the best way to go but you also don't want telling them to jeopradize your well being and careers. They are grown adults now so if you do tell them they will probably handle it much better then say, when they were teenagers.
Just make sure you explain that this is a very private issue for you two and that you would appreciate it if it stayed that way.

Definitely make sure you and your wife both agree on telling them before you do. Having her support and input in the conversation with them will be vital.

Remember that as much as parents generally know "everything" their kids think they don't know-so do the kids about the parents;)

Our guess would be that they probably have suspicions about you two already, but are either not sure how to bring it up for discussion or they are being polite and minding their own business.

You may want to consider asking your question to our members in the Forum and see what they advise or have gone through with this.
You are certainly not the first parents to want want to tell your kids.

I wish you luck with whatever you decide to

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