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Question: What if we run into them at a club or party ?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Recently we recieved a wish list hit and responded with a wht. list reply, they in turn responded the same and added a note to meet sometime. Just after that we took them off our wht. list (as we typically do to keep control of our pictures).

Apparently they took serious offence to that removal before we could even write back and wrote another note " You should change your name to white trash, fuck off "

My first responce was to explain that our intention was not to hurt or alienate anyone, when we noticed we were blocked. We did the same for fear of more abuse.

What if we run into them at a club or party ?
How rude were we ?



Dear (Anonymous),

Try emailing Admin a letter of explanation and ask them to forward it to the member for you.

If they don't respond or unblock you then you have done your best to set things right.
If you run into them at a party...tell them the truth... if they can't or won't accept it then there is nothing more you can do except walk away and not feel bad about anything.


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