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Question: I'm I over reacting?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have been in the lifestyle for about 7 years now and it has been a lot of fun. Last year we meet a couple that live kind of close to us witch we liked becasue we can do things last minute. But here is the problem we are the only couple they have ever swaped with. We try to tell them they need to get out and meet other couples because I don't think it is a good thing to be the only couple and here is one of the reasons why. they seam to get upset when we talk to our other lifestyle friends at partys when they are there. Another I think the husban is getting to close to my wife they go off by them selves when we are out and whissper to each other when we are out with regular friends and family and they are with everyone tells me how my wife lights up when see talks to Brian and that I should watch them close even my son. I try to talk to my wife about this and she gets mad like I'm over reacting. And said if that is how I feel we should get out of the lifestyle. I like the lifestyle we have a lot of fun but we have always been open and talked about things and now it seams like a shut down. I'm I over reacting? I do like the other couples a lot they are good friends and that is all I want not lovers my wife is my lover. Well I will quit running off now. Thanks for any advise



Dear (Anonymous),


It sounds like the trust in your relationship is suffering severely..whether there is a problem or not with the other couple...or between your wife and the other couples husband.

We would suggest that you take your wife's advice and take a serious break from the Lifestyle until you get your relationship back on track with each other.
That includes "no contact" with the couple you have "befriended".
Once you both feel your relationship is not at risk then you can work on entering the lifestyle again.

If your friends respect you both as individuals and a couple they will give you the space you need to repair your marriage...before it is too late.

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