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Question: What to do when their pictures don't really look like them?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We met a couple after exchanging pictures and emails only to find out that the guy looks nothing like he did in his pictures. He didn't have a 3rd eye or anything....it was just obvious that the pictures were taken several (if not 10) years ago and time has not been his friend! We had a fantastic time hanging out with them...but, how do we go about telling them that they are just not our type physically without hurting feelings? We don't want to be "cold" about it...that is not our style!



Dear (Anonymous),

You cant dance around issues like this.. because believe us... you will run into this over and over again.... we are all big boys and girls... and you just need to be honest.

Normally... right away you need to say to the people...... we love to make friends and meet new people... but as far as being physical or anything... we donít think that we make a very good match....

Now its much easier to just see a picture online and just type those words... but after having had to say them many, many times... its not as hard as you may fear to say them to someone in person.

Tell them you didnt wish to lead them on in any way... and if a physical relationship is strictly what they were looking for... you would certainly understand if they wanted to just "move on"Ö but tell them if they still wish to pursue a friendship it is fineÖ

Donít lie... be to the point... and remember what we always say... THIS LIFESTYLE IS ABOUT YOU GUYS... no one else matters.... keep it about fun... its nice to be kind and compassionate... but donít make this a chore...
Hope this is helpful.....Good Luck

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