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Question: How should we handle knowing that a spouse on LL is

Dear Lounge Advice, I am sure that has happened before, however, I thought I'd ask anyway. How should we handle knowing that a spouse on LL is "cheating"? We are aware of one of the spouses having several outside sexual partners without the others approval or knowledge. Our philosophy has always been not to interfer since they are adults and need to handle the marriage themselves, but since the "cheating" is being brought into LL events and becoming known to other LL couples, should the spouse be informed of this behavior before it "breaks headline news" at a LL party? Friendships have developed along the way, but at what point does that stop here?



Dear (Anonymous),

Unless you are extremely close friends with this couple, we would suggest that you keep your distance and stay out of the situation.
If a direct confrontation unavoidable, be direct, tell the truth about what you know and let them figure out how to handle the rest themselves.

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