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Question: What do you do when a co-worker finds your pictures online, and makes threats against you?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are new to the lifestyle and we are very much in respect of others. We decided to place our add with a couple of pictures in different websites in order to make new friends.
A co-worker found out one of the sites and downloaded the pictures that we put in. I broke the business relationship with the firm that I was in, but this woman keeps on threating me and my boyfriend that she is going to tell everybody that we are swingers.
We responded to that threat by telling her that we ARE swinger and that we are no ashame of it. But he is threatening to take those pictures to my boyfriends ex-wife and kids.
That is evil and we are fedup with it it, so we contacted a lawyer and she said that once you put you pictures in the web, they are public domain and we have to put up with it.
That has put a lot of pressure into our relationship and we are pretty much withdrawing from a lifestyle that we enjoy a lot.
Is there anything that we could do?
J & M



Dear (Anonymous),

This is a horrible story.... not one that we have encountered in 6 years...

A few comments... check with another attny... anyone can download a picture.. but what are they threatening you with? She keeps threatening you that she is going to tell everyone unless you do what? quit the lifestyle? sounds a lot like extortion.. which is against the law.

Whether you stay in the lifestyle or not.. do you think she is going to stop?

Perhaps you should post something on the forum and see if anyone else has some other ideas for you.. this is far from an ettiquette or relationship question that we are used to answering.
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