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Question: My man wants me to be with another woman, but I don't.

Dear Lounge Advice,

This may sound weird to you. I need serious advice. My man and I love each other. There's only one problem. I'll do just about anything for him but let him have sex with another woman. He wants to share her with me. One problem though I don't like women sexually. I've been told many times it's not so bad. I'm confused because I could do it. My only fear is he might like it too much and always want me to do this and I can barely stand it. I love him but I don't think he's being fair to me. What do you recommend?



Dear (Anonymous),

If you don't want to do it, then DON'T!
I can't stress this enough. This lifestyle is about having fun and enjoying yourself. It's not about just one partner, no matter how much you love that partner. If you're not both into it, this is pointless.
Please let him know how you're feeling, and kindly let him know that you don't like being pressured. It's simply not something that your loved one should be doing to you. Not fair.
Remember, go with your gut on this. Your gut is telling you that something isn't sitting right.
If he wants to have another woman, and you're genuinely ok with that, compromise with him. Let him know that you'd like to see that (IF that's the honest-to-god truth) but that you aren't willing to be with her yourself. I think any level-headed man would take that compromise.
Don't partake in anything you don't want to do, or resentment and hurt will follow in its wake.
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