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Question: I want to get involved, but have a hard time.

Dear Lounge Advice,

After reading through your wonderful advice so far, I have a question for you.

You often mention that going to parties and the chat room are the best ways to get to meet people, and I agree.

However, what does someone who is, shall we say, lacking in social skills get involved? I have been to parties before, and tend to wallflower. Everyone seems to know each other already, and interjecting into conversation is difficult. Unfortunately, I am no Greek statue in flesh, so I am not the kind of person that will get approached easily.

I appreciate your advice.



Dear (Anonymous),

As you mentioned, the chat rooms and forums are perhaps your best 'in' for what you seek. Spend some time in them, and get to know people. Then, find out what parties/events these people will be at and attend. That way, you will already know someone and won't have to force yourself to interact with strangers.
My other half did exactly that as a single male on a site like this, and it really worked out well. And, from me seeing his personality shine through via chatting and forum involvement, he and I ended up becoming a couple.
Oftentimes, by just knowing a handful of people, you will get to know many others just by their associations.
If you're planning on going to parties without knowing anyone, you need to make yourself talk, no matter how arduous it may be for you. Otherwise, going is pointless. I can say with certainty, also, that couples almost never approach single males, so this endeavor has to be entirely your responsibility if you want to make connections.
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