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Question: Single and searching a partner in crime.

Dear Lounge Advice,

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am great looking, secure and stable in all ways. I am well educated, worldly and the owner chef of a couple of internationally known and award winning restaurants, so I know how to cook. I was a pro baseball player before I became a restaurateur, so I still have a pretty good but not perfect body. All that said I would like to meet a women or two on this site who could be a partner in crime. Sort of a regular LL playmate. I really don't know how to break in. I have a few mantras but the one I feel is the most is that I would like those people that come in contact with me are the better for it. I think I have a lot to offer but I am not getting any younger.




Dear (Anonymous),

After taking a look at your profile, I can offer a few preliminary suggestions. You are currently listed as a 'couple'. If you wish for a woman to take you seriously, and not believe that you are misrepresenting yourself, this needs to be changed to reflect your status, which I assume to be 'single male'. Next point of advice- you need photos. Classy, tasteful photos are a plus. Posting photos solely of the male anatomy tends to turn many people off, so go with something that shows the whole package, not just THE package, so to speak.
Next step- profile. Your profile currently contains two lines, one being something to the effect of "I like to fuck in public." This generally won't win many points with the ladies. As a woman, I want to see a potential mate/swing partner describe himself genuinely. What are your passions, likes, and dislikes? Give us an insight into your personality. Some of the things that you described in your letter to me about yourself would be good to insert for a profile. Plan to expend some decent effort into writing a well-worded, comprehensive bio on yourself.
I met my significant other as a single male on a swinger's site. His profile had a plethora of classy photos, many of which we are still using on our couple profile, if you would like to look at them for a reference point. He also displayed an unparalleled intelligence, sense of humor, and candor in his writing. And he was ALWAYS the perfect gentleman in his correspondence. This was a deciding element to his success on a swinger's site. It was also, in part, because of this, that he won me over as his partner.
If you want to catch the eye of a potential partner, you should hold yourself to a certain standard and conduct yourself in a manner becoming of a man that a women would see fit to take as a 'partner in crime' as you say.
It also wouldn't hurt to become involved in chat and/or forums. This was THE key to how my significant other got to be so well known, thus garnering an unmatched wealth of attention from both couples and single females.
Just remember, there are a LOT of single males out there looking to do just as you are doing. They key is to be a 'cut above the rest'. Apply your knowledge from producing award winning restaurants, and use the philosophy that attained you that status. You didn't become 'award winning' from being mediocre, and you certainly didn't attain it from putting minimal effort into your endeavors.
If you show the same kind of passion with this that you do with your business, you're sure to encounter some very serendipitous situations indeed!

Good luck.

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