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Question: My wife is a bit unsure about meeting people online.

Dear Lounge Advice,My wife and I have been swinging on and off for about 10 years. Most recently we have been exclusivly with another couple we met by accident, and they are great. The only other time was with a couple we met at a party. My question is that my wife is not willing to meet any other couples via this site, she feels that there are to many weird people out there, and it is not safe. How do I reassure her that it is safe?



Dear (Anonymous),

I've been meeting people online for almost eight years now, and have found it to be THE safest place to meet others. Not only can we can take our time in correspondence to gauge someone's personality and motives, but we can do it from the safety and security of our own home. Compared to the outside population, I'm sure many will agree that the online swinging population is relatively 'weirdo' free. Most people on here are in stable, loving relationships and are merely looking to make mew friends and have some fun, just like you.
I can't begin to tally the number of unsavory types I have met outside of the digital world, but when it comes to sites like this, the count is extremely low.
Lifestyle Lounge even has a 'testimonial' system in which members can vouch for the character of each other. This site is the very best I've seen for finding wonderful like-minded people. The owners here have built an amazing community of fun and dynamic people, and I can personally vouch for that!
If for any reason, your gut tells you that it's not wise to proceed with meeting someone, the beauty of this is that you don't have to! It's virtually risk-free to be online and test the waters.
This is the perfect venue for you to be in complete control!
So, it certainly can't hurt to try :)
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