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Question: He wants to mix work and play when I told him not to!

Dear Lounge Advice,
I've always thought that there were "given" rules in this lifestyle? That there were some rules that were common sense, such as.....

You find out your hubby is flirting with a co-worker and she tells him she wants to give him a lap dance for his birthday. He finally tells me, after so many months of of this "harmless flirting" as he calls it. Than the same day for the party, him knowing all night I was uncomfortable because she's giving him this eat me look and I'm left in the corner, he dances with her. Not just any dancing;)When he's only danced with me like that NEVER!

Okay, so he later tells me that I'm confusing him. That he can do it when I'm around, but that's it. That I'm sending mixed signals by letting him do it with "lounge ladies" but not with people he works with.

Straw after straw, this is at the bottom of the list of things to add to the things he's done to my heart and soul.

Shouldn't the lounge be seperate from your work? I've always thought it was a given, that I shouldn't have to write EVERY SINGLE rule out in crayon for him. Am I wrong to assume so? But, this happened months after I told him work was off limits!!



Dear (Anonymous),

Work and play are a BIG no-no!!
He should have the common sense to know this. I'm sorry to say this about the one you love, but I think this is a case of a man thinking with the little head instead of the big head. This isn't a case of you sending 'mixed signals'. This is a case of pure common sense. Lay the law down again. He is WRONG. If he doesn't understand this yet again, put the brakes on the lifestyle entirely. You're relationship is THE priority, not his libido.
Please keep me informed on this. I'll give you help every step of the way. Good luck!!

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