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Question: Would a quality lifestyle man give up play for my single mom?

Dear Lounge Advice,
My Mom is recently single, and I am really impressed with some of the people that I have met and seen profiles of. The problem is that she is not in the lifestyle, and I'm worried that this would really limit her being able to date and have a long-term loveing relationship, which is what she is after. Are there single males who would give up play for a beautiful and vibrant woman? Or is what she needs more of a generic dateing service?
sorry for the strange question,
Denver Siren



Dear (Anonymous),

This definitely isn't a strange question compared to some I've fielded over the years *wink*
If she is seeking a long-term monogamous relationship, I think she's already in the right venue. The majority of single males are here to enjoy a little freedom and variety in their play. While it's certainly possible that there may be one who is willing to give this up for the right woman (After all, my significant other was a single swinger and was ready to give it all up when we started dating), I wouldn't count on that. While it's wonderful that you are concerned about the health of her future realtionships(s), it seems that this would only add another complication to the already dificult quest of finding a monogamous mate.
Although I thought I'd never hear myself admitting this, in this case, a vanilla approach is probably more prudent.
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