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Question: How do I invite the female to play?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We went to a lifestyle party, we were having sex in the middle of everybody. What is the etiquette if I wanted to touch someone and invite her to play. And how do you invite just the woman and leave the men out of it?



Dear (Anonymous),

Simple. All you have to do is ask her. If ever in doubt in these types of situations, always ask. Perhpaps, if you desire only girl-girl play, you can include that specifically in your question. For example: "I'm really in the mood to play with a woman tonight and I'd love to touch you. May I?"
That way, your intentions are unmistakable, and if the men attempt to join in on the girl-girl action against your desires, just speak up and let them know you only desire for it to be a 'girl thing'.
As a sidenote, I noticed that you are a couple, and if you are speaking of inviting the woman into play with you AND your man, be prepared for her man to expect to play as well.
Most couple adhere to the 'fair play all around' rule and won't take kindly to having the man left out while your man plays.
I'm not entirely sure of which situation you speak, but thought I should mention this.
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