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Question: 420 friendly, revisited

420 does not mean "drug friendly".

420 is specific for marijuana. Many pot smokers consider it on a par with alcohol. It does not mean that they feel the same about all drugs, or even any other drugs. You really should correct your statement as it is simply incorrect.

Dawn & Roger



Dear (Anonymous),

Actually, although it was originally intended to mean exactly as you described, I know many lifestylers who use '420 friendly' as a blanket term to indicate that they use anything from marijuana to cocaine. A large portion of the rolling crowd has also taken to calling themselves 420 friendly. I can think of three profiles of acquaintances offhand that indicate the term '420 friendly' who I've never seen touch pot, but are avid ecstasy users.
I wasn't defining the term so much in its intended context. Rather, my given definition stems from the more widely-used context on profiles from years of experience both knowing those who claim themselves wrongly as 420 friendly, but who still maintain their use of the term as a means of circumventing words such as 'roller' or 'cocaine friendly'.
So, although your statement is valid, many others have extended the reach of the term as a 'PC' or alternative way of saying that they are open to drugs other than marijuana.
I should have specified the reason I labeled it 'drug friendly'. In the future I'll be sure to elaborate as I just did in the aforementioned paragraphs so as to avoid confusion.

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