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Question: New to swing clubs and not sure what to expect

Dear Lounge Advice,
My husband are going out this Fri the 14th and I wondered what to wear, expect, and even how it all works as a whole. I want to fit in as well. Do my husband and I have to join with a person or is it easy going at your own discretion. We have had a threesome before, but I don't know how this will be. What does a club look like, and what are the personal rooms for? Do you have to be with some one else to go in a bedroom. (I'm thinking yes) and that's fine. I just want to know the rules and the way it works.
If you could get back to me before the 14th that would be great before I chicken out.
Thanks so much,



Dear (Anonymous),

Many people who have not been to a swing club have misconceptions. They think of visions of orgies when you walk in, and people trying to grope all over them. Swing clubs, when you go in, look surprisingly like regular nightclubs. You'll see drinking, dancing, conversation and flirting. The attire can range from regular nightclub clothes to something extremely risque. The only difference there is that if a lady wants to get naked on the dance floor, she usually can. If it's a more liberal club, you may occasionally see some light sexual play as the night progresses. As for the hardcore, this usually takes place in special rooms away from the main area for members who choose to play on premise. There are private rooms and public rooms (usually) and if you want to explore a little more, go watch in a public room, or go have your own fun in a private room. You don't have to be with anyone else in order to utilize the private rooms. In fact, we always opt to go into the private rooms by ourselves to have fun. Swing clubs aren't like regular night clubs because people tend to be much more polite, unlike regular clubs, which tend to meat-markets. The unsaid rule of a swing club is that you must ask first, and that the ladies control the action. This is almost always respected. You'll actually find the females to be a bit more aggressive than the males in the swing clubs. If you go to an off-premise club (no sexual activity on club grounds) you won't even see this much. Visit the 'club' link at the top of the LL browser to find a club near you. Someone in your area can also recommend a club that will suit your needs, or you can post your inquiry in the forum for recommendations.
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