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Question: Vanilla?

Dear Lounge Advice, What does Vanilla mean?



Dear (Anonymous),

Main Entry: vanilla
Function: adjective
1 : flavored with vanilla
2 : lacking distinction : PLAIN, ORDINARY
3 : lacking in adornments and/or special features.

Not quite what you had in mind?
Ok, in our context, it means non-lifestyle people :) Well, I suppose the words PLAIN and ORDINARY are on the right track. Um, and definition number three can be open to interpretation (strap-ons anyone?) Adornments, *drool*

"People who don't have as much fun as us"
"Those who go bowling on the weekends"
"Those who think swapping is still related to elementary school bagged lunches"
"The ones who we secretly giggle at when they describe their 'exciting weekends'"
"People who can actually get THEIR photos developed at their local drug store"

So, AskRobyn asks YOU now.......does that make US "Rocky Road"? After all, some of us DO have nuts. Some of us are just plain nuts too. But not me. Definitely not me.

*going to take forgotten daily meds*

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