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Question: A couple made plans with us, cancelled, then went out with someone else!!

Dear Lounge Advice,
How you do handle it when you find out a couple that you thought were your good friends, have intentionally deceived you? For example, if this couple made plans with you for a weekend and then tell you that they are unable to make it, and you find out they went out with another couple instead? So, the couple has lied to you because "a better deal came along", but still wants to make plans with you in the future. The couple does not know that you know the truth. How do you reply to them, and how do you handle the situation?



Dear (Anonymous),

This example goes to prove that not everybody possesses the measure of class and integrity necessary to operate in the adult realm. The scenario in question is completely uncouth, and I recommend that you do the following: Do not make them aware of your knowledge of the situation described. Instead, if they request your company for future engagements, decline politely. You're busy. You're washing your hair. You're watching artificial grass grow. I'm sure my point is quite lucid. You don't have time for deception, nor should you have to settle for being their 'back-up plan'. Frankly, you're too good for that.
By doing this, you will successfully turn the tables on them. They will be left wondering if their recent transgression has come to your knowledge, thus your sudden aloof mannerisms toward them.
Handle the situation with class while preserving your own dignity. Meanwhile, what dignity they may have had before this incident will erode ever so slightly.

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