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Question: How do I find out if my girlfriend might be insterested in the lifestyle?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Let me first say that your advice column has definitely been a great help in my understanding of the lifestyle.

Here's my situation. I'm interested in the lifestyle while I don't know how my girlfriend feels about it. Is there a subtle way to find out if she's keen to experience it?




Dear (Anonymous),

Try bringing home an adult video that includes bi females and see how she reacts.... or.. tell her that someone sent you a link to a website www.zacnzoey.com (this is not a commercial as its a free site) and let her read it all... and see how she reacts.

Its important to let her know that you dont give a damn one way or another but honestly you just wanted to know how she felt about it...

Or you may wish to tell her that a "friend" at work went to a couples party (use that term and not "swingers" since for many that has negative conotations) and say it would be fun to go and just observe (BUT DO JUST THAT)Live what you say despite the temptation.

There are few ways to "trick" someone into it.. you just want to make subtle suggestions.. and guage the reaction.. and remember... we were married for 6 years before we even had the balls to experience this...
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