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Question: We are having trouble finding playmates.

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are new to the lifestyle, we've been married for 12 years and decided that it would be fun to spice up our sex life. We have had a MMF experience and although the guy was a dud we were not detered from having another if the opportunity comes up. It was a real turn on to see how excited the wife was during this...we've also had one couple experience but we made a mistake by breaking our ground rules and had sex in seperate rooms, this was not what we wanted and anyway we've learned our lesson...it wasn't "fun" because we didn't share the experience...nevertheless we have dealt with the issue and once again we aren't detered by it. We've been searching now for several months and we've joined this sight (which we like) but we havent had "any" luck. It gets discouraging sometimes, we don't have the hardbodies that it seems alot of the folks have that have pic's posted but we went ahead and posted our pic's and it still hasn't helped any. I know there are couples out there of all different shapes and heights and so on and so on..but we're starting to get discouraged. We have great sex between us and that hasn't changed but wanting to experince it with others. We aren't comfortable enough to go to a club...we don't think our comments in our profile are any different than most...what can you say to encourage us or help us out?



Dear (Anonymous),

Thank you for your honesty about your experiences. The lesson that everyone should learn from your mistakes are that ground rules are made to be followed... dont allow yourselves to venture into grounds that you are not prepared.

As far as you situation... let us suggest that you attend one of the local clubs or socials in your area. The "links" section of this site has a comprehensive guide to the clubs in your areas. If you have any specific geographic requests... let us know...

Good Luck and Have Fun !!!
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