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Question: We're young and people judge us on our age. How do we fit in?

Dear Robyn,

We are a younerg couple in a highly populated area of swingers who are normally 10-20 years older than us.

We tend to find it hard to meet other people, even at meet and greets because they assume because we are young we won't be any fun or they won't be able to relate to us somehow.

What advice do you have to be able to make connections with others without having to be judged soley on age?




Dear (Anonymous),

ARe you sure they all assume that?

I started out in this lifestyle when I was barely nineteen. I found it incredibly easy to relate to and party with a much older crowd. In fact, I preferred it.

The best advice I can give you is just to hang out with the people you find interesting and let them get to know you. Just like me, people got came to realize that I was very mature for my age, therefore easy to relate to. If they get acclimated to you, they may realize that you're well-worth their time. Based on experience, I can tell you that no matter what, you're still gong to be stereotyped by some due to your age. Endeavor to break down that stereotype and let people know by your actions that you're fully capable of hanging with the older crowd!
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