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Question: I'm receiving a chilly reception from other mens' wives. Help!

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am a humble, married, outgoing, full of personality bi-sexual woman. I am in my 40's/very fit and everyone is always so kind to say I don't look my age.

Everytime a man vs a woman shows interest in me and invites me to meet his significant other, they are so cold and short with me. Even when I bring my husband over to meet her as well.

As the chill continues, I do my best to warm up the moment and intros. I leave the man uncomfortable and embarrassed. As I am walking away I see the significant other very twisted.

This happens each time a man approaches me. What can I do or say to avoid this situation.



Dear (Anonymous),

Speaking from experience, I can safely say that their really isn't much else you can do. If you're making the effort to be warm, inviting and friendly in a non-threatening manner, then you're already doing what is necessary.
You are experiencing jealousy. I know. I go through this too. You really can't avoid this situation. It's bound to happen sometimes, especially if you're an attractive woman.
Unfortunately, there are jealous women (and some men too) who don't take kindly to a more attractive 'rival' coming around their significant other, especially if their husband is the one who initiated the contact.
There really isn't room for this in a lifestyle that is built on being open and non-possessive. But, you'll still find it, as you very well know.
Like me, you'll eventually come to grow accustomed to it, and learn to shrug it off. You should feel sorry for those women who won't even give you a chance just because of your looks. Many of them don't even realize that they may have declined the chance to get to know a wonderful, warm individual-merely based on looks. Just because we're in an 'open-minded' lifestyle doesn't mean that stereotypes still don't run rampant.
Just continue to be yourself, and you'll find that there are plenty of women out there that will welcome you with open arms.
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