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Question: My girlfriend is treating me like her dog

Dear Lounge Advice,i have been dating a women for about 19 months now. She is bi, tells me that she loves me all the time. I think i love her more than she loves me. but she says that is not true. She has been in the lifestyle for 7 years. I want to get in and have some fun too, meet people and enjoy. She keeps me around, i help her with bills and everything. At least every other weekend she goes off with a couple and they get it on all weekend and i see her on sunday. now she even goes out more. ever since i met her i have wanted to be in a THREESOME with her. she says i don't have any girlfriends. she has said she would like to see me with another women. she is starting to lie and decieve me. she doesn't tell me what is going on what she is doing. If i don't get home from work until 10 pm she is all pissed off at me. She never lets me meet her friends or go to any functions. But she wants me home to take care of things around the house, and to help out. She will come home from a trip to vegas with a couple and tell me oh how much she missed me. She has never broken a date to spend time with me. I feel like her dog. i can't handle it any more she refuses to let me get involved. When ever i bring up how i feel she gets real defensive. I'am dieing here what do i do. HELP HELP



Dear (Anonymous),

Relationships are about give and take, 50/50. You're giving and she's just taking. By giving constantly, with nothing in return, you're essentially just 'taking it'. I say give.........

give up. TAKE your dignity and self-respect with you.

This woman has obviously proven time and again that she isn't sensitive to your feelings and isn't willing to treat this as a relationship.
Your role in this relationship is that of 'doormat'. She's acting as if she is single, but with benefits. She has you around to hold down the household and pay her bills.
Someone needs to teach her that she can't treat people this way. It might as well be you.
If you continue to allow her to act in this manner, the fault is yours.
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