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Question: What do you do if other couples start talking badly about you?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for 5 years. My question is how do you overcome other couples talking badly about you? What I mean is, as I am looking over the posts from other couples I can relate to things that have happened to them. We have had lots of weird things happen, only to find out the couple in question started talking about us to other couples.. damaging our reputations and lieing about things that have happened. How do you handle this type of thing? And do you think that the gossip really does sway the way you think about a couple and then you think twice about meeting them? etc.




Dear (Anonymous),

There is no difference between people in the Lifestyle and people outside the lifestyle. People will always talk crap.. whether real or not.

The other thing is that people who talk crap generally have a reputation of doing so and everyone who knows them takes what they say with a grain of salt.

If something they say is not the truth.. dont worry at all.... the truth always prevails and they will be proved to be the losers in the end.

We cannot speak for everyone... but we dont listen to anyone else's views about other people... attraction and chemistry is very personal... other peoples desires and what they find unatractive is of no use to us... many people are the same way...

Stop worrying.. chances are.. they talk about everyone that way... and everyone else knows it!!
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