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Question: Profile pics that are heavily 'women-centered'

Dear Lounge Advice,
I have a strange question. Why is it that in LL profiles, all the women look great and almost all pictures are of woman. The profiles don't show many pictures of the men. Us women would like to see their pictures as well. We don't want to see the penis before we see the face. I don't think it's fair. Most couples don't even look like couples, all the photos are of just woman. How about showing us pictures of the men?




Dear (Anonymous),

Actually, LL is one of the few sites that I've encountered that is more couple-centered in pictures, as a whole. However, I do wholeheartedly agree with your statements. Seeing as most of the members are at the very least, soft-swap couples, one ponders over the non-existence of the male in the photos. Ah, if Socrates and Plato were around to assist with this age-old preponderance.
It's not quite fair to flaunt a beautiful woman on a profile, while leaving your viewers wondering why there is an obvious absence of the male. C'mon, we know the male is around there somewhere...what on earth do you have to hide?

Have you ever purchased a package of beautiful strawberries, only to get them home and find that the ones that weren't visible underneath are bruised and moldy? I would rather see ALL of the strawberries to ascertain whether they are edible, and in essence, worth buying. It's just plain frustrating to get your strawberries home, only to be able to enjoy half of them, when fully expecting to feast on the whole bunch.
So, if you are a couple who may think that half of your strawberries are a bit 'unsightly', don't hide them!!! At least let us see what we're getting up front.
Our personal couple profile lets ALL of the strawberries hang out, as is only proper. (Am I calling us fruits?)
I'm really not sure how to put that in a more delicate manner.

As a woman, I WANNA SEE THE MAN-MEAT TOO!!!! *temper tantrum over*

By posting this, I do believe that this will be one of those rare letters that did not need the partially coherent reciprocal discourse on my end. It can speak entirely for itself.
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