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Question: Singles who are actually married

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have to agree that in this website within the community of single males like in every aspect of life there are some bad apples who are pretending being single when they are actually not.....:-( What had happen to me was that as a result of an extreme/unexpected situation the lie of the single (apparently not) male was uncovered in a really nasty manner.... which led to enormous amount of problems which in this case weren't the usual/expected kind.... the amount of problems and people involved was out of hands
I guess what it made me think of was that there are many people on this website who are swingers that keep their lifestyle behind close doors and absolutely discreet for all the obvious reasons. But what if because of someone who is lying about being in a lifestyle something happens and lawyers get involved and people are being called to testify in regard of lifestyle..... then what? Lifestyle is uncovered and people who are in it suddenly in the spotlight which can cause careers, families, etc.
What do you think? I think that the lies of any single male or female being single while actually not is putting all the members of the lifestyle under a higher risk....:-(



Dear (Anonymous),

Lies of ANY type are not welcome in this lifestyle. Your story illustrates a perfect example of how hurtful they can be to our community. Hopefully, any married 'singles' reading this will think twice about their deception, and less about their own selfish interests.
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