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Question: I'm falling for a single male and I'm married.

Dear Lounge Advice,
I having falling for a single male in a mfm rendezvouus. We both have deep feelimngs for each other. I am miserable when I don't talk with him and he says he misses me too.. What should I do?? My husband does not know any feelings exist it only happened once but we have been meeting on the side.
Desparately seeking Advice,



Dear (Anonymous),

I've been in your shoes before, and while some might think it appalling that I would share my feelings on this matter in the way that I am about to, it was (and is) my reality.
I was in an unhappy marriage for many years, and starting playing with a wonderful single male. He and I were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, soulmates. Although I did not see him on the side, and remained completely faithful to my husband, my heart betrayed me. I fell in love and the moments spent away from him were pure agony. I finally found what I never knew I even wanted. I too told my husband that feeling did not exist, solely to spare all of us from further repercussions.
Now, I am with the love of my life. He is that same single male of which I speak.
While I do not recommend that you go running off with your single friend, I do suggest the following: Search your heart. The heart rarely betrays. My guilt over breaking a legal vow was my one motivation for keeping my marriage intact. However, my heart and my should told me that legality was a pretty candle compared to the blazing sun that was my love for this other man.
Albeit a corny analogy, it was entirely applicable for my case. It may or may not be this way for you. I cannot assume to know your situation, nor can I delve into your psyche.
This is a dilemma for which I truly cannot offer definitive advice. I can merely offer my personal situation as guidance. You are the only one who can determine what the proper course of action may be.
Good luck and god speed. I truly empathize with your plight.
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