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Question: He wants a MFF but doesn't want me to have a MFM.

Dear Lounge Advice,
I am frustrated by my partners inability to see the double standard issue.
My partner does not like the idea that I may be approached by single males at parties or even online.
The thought of it makes him angry.
We have noted in our site to block single males (after unwelcomed propositions).
He of course loves the single female idea.
I am bi-comfortable and willing to explore that area although I clearly prefer men!
I would not expect him to explore the bi-sexual area with a male so what is with the hang up??
I realize that the past contains dishonesty but the past does not include me!
Miss Standard



Dear (Anonymous),

Not fair!
You should seriously entertain speaking earnestly to him about this. The hang-up could be many things. He may be too jealous to see you with another man. He may believe that you might find another man more interesting, attractive or sexually competant than him. He's suffering from the 'Mine' syndrome.
Only by talking to him about this will you be able to ascertain his insecurities about this issue.
You need to inform him that you will not, under any circumstances, partake in MFF play if he continues to be unfair about your desires.
Swinging entials fair play all around. We're in this for both partners to enjoy the experience, and not for one to be selfish.
If he expects you to step outside of your comfort zone for him, why should you expect any less of him?
Please have an earnest talk.
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