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Question: Anonymous oops!

Dear Lounge Advice
I cannot believe you put my name handle NAME next to my question I asked for advice. If my husband reads it HE WILL FOR SURE know it is me. IT IS OUR NAME AS A COUPLE!!! PLEASE TAKE IT OFF THE LIFESTYLE ADVICE area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desperately seeking to get offline!!!



Dear (Anonymous),

To the writer of this letter- First let me state that I will not write to your account to answer this, since the nature of your letter to me was/is apparently a secret you wish to keep from your husband. I also did not want to be rude by not answering it all. So, in order to reply to you without risking him seeing my letter in your personal account, I am forced to reply here.
When you submit a letter to the advice column, you are given the option to make your advice anonymous so that your username does not show up when the reply is posted. This appears as a simple checkbox when you make your submission. We do not decide what to make anonymous. Only the member can do this.
When your letter was submitted, the 'anonymous' option was not checked. Thus, your username is automatically inserted. You also signed your real name to the end of your letter when you submitted. The letter above you sent was also not marked as an anonymous submission, but I took the liberty of doing so for you. I'm terribly sorry that your sensitive issues may have caused you potential problems when placed in the public arena. Please don't let this deter you from sending future inquiries to Lounge Advice, but please take heed of the options available to you :)
In the future, for all of you who wish for your name to remain out of your submissions, please choose the 'anonymous' option.
We cannot be responsible for the repurcussions the ensue due to lack of compliance to the procedures.

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