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Question: What if someone from this site recognized us in a public place

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are new to this lifestyle and this question has come up more than once.

What if someone from this site recognised us in a public place or at work. I would think it would be terrible etiquette for someone to start talking about the lifestyle openly where someone, say our teenage children were present. (Some are old enough to go to the bar with us) I have tried to reassure that we would never do anything like that so I would assume that most other wouldnt either. Is this a fair statement. Is there a written rule over and above common sense when it comes to this manner?



Dear (Anonymous),

You are correct in beleiving that most would never be so bold and ignorant as to openly speak about this around your children, or in the presence of anyone you were with. Everyone in this lifestyle wishes for at least some measure of anonymity when conducting their regular lives. I've been in this lifestyle for nearly nine years now, and now an enormous amount of people, some of whom I have run into in a public forum. Occasionally, I have had family with me. Not once has anyone made me the least bit uncomfortable. We are all of similar mindsets, so I wouldn't make this a worry.
Think of this as a sort of secret society. We keep our business where it belongs- outside the 'vanilla' realm.
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