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Question: The male of the couple is a bit immature in his approach

Dear Lounge Advice,

We met a nice couple at a bar a couple of weeks ago (they are LL members too) and this was a LL event. From their profile they seem to be quite compatible with what we are looking for. Once we spent some time with them the husband is a bit too pushy, but in an awkward type of way. He tries to RUN the conversation, talks way too much and keeps saying things like "Gosh my wife really needs a great licking"!

We would do them if he would only stop talking and not act like he was 14 (and he is more than double that). She is sweet, hot and we both like her. It is just hard to get around all his talking and pushyness.

Should we blow them off, be honest (but then what do we say, we don't want to hurt feelings), or keep stringing them along knowing we will never actually meet up with them again (now we know that isn't nice either.




Dear (Anonymous),

Blow them off. Hopefully, they'll get the hint that you're not interested. Do not string them along.
If they persist in pursuing you, then it's time for honesty. However, the best way to handle this is for one of you to speak to his wife about it. You should let her know that you think her man's tactics are a bit undesirable, and if he took a more relaxed approach, there would be more interest. Let her know that it is nothing to do with her at all, to put her mind at ease about the situation.
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