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Question: I want more from my Master Daddy

Dear Lounge Advice,

Hi there I have had a Master Daddy for over two years , and we don't seem to get enough time together but when we do I am floating for days. Yet I find he doesn't treat me the same as he does his other s/s its more vanilla to me than I expected I feel a little jealous even though he may not be seeing anyone else right now i want to build that bond deeper..........any suggestions?
He does admit that I please him in many ways.
I just want the most before in case we part ways .



Dear (Anonymous),

Have you told him this? I'm not talking about hinting around about it either. Tell him exactly what you told me and be direct. If you don't speak it (and you may have to express it more than once), you'll never have the chance of getting what you most deeply desire.
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