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Question: We're new and going to a house party.

Dear Lounge Advice,
My partner & I are Newbies...I mean never...we have been invited to a get together with 15 couples...we were told there is no pressure, we can stay or leave...what do we wear, what do we take, how do we prepare for this? Any other advice for just begining? We are kind of nervous, but excited.



Dear (Anonymous),

Wear something that's casual yet sexy. I'd go with something you might wear to a normal night club on a weeknight. In this type of situation, there is really no need to go all out with clothing, or to get too risque. You're starting out in a great situation for a newbie. There are more than enough people there so you won't feel awkward or pressured. Yet it's not a huge crowd that you can get lost in.
In these types of venues, one is among like-minded company and can feel free to be more flirtatious, forward, and less inhibited in conversational topics than at a regular establishment. Unlike dinner, if you don't feel that you click with the other person(s) very well, you can excuse yourself from the party while letting them know how nice it was to meet them.
You have placed yourself under no obligation to stay with anyone for the duration of the night, and you still have the opportunity to meet. You are not going as anyone's 'date', nor they as yours. If you do decide to wander, you won't offend anyone.
This kind of meeting also leaves open the possibility of pairing up for the night if you do indeed find someone that makes fantastic company. The choices are ameliorated and awkwardness is virtually eliminated.
Just remember, nobody, under any circumstances, will or should expect a thing from you except your friendly company and a great time with no strings attached. Have a couple of drinks to loosen up (just don't get wasted) and treat it like a regular get together with some open-minded folks :)

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