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Question: How do we garner more interest?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We mayube aren't the best looking couple on LL, but we aren't fat or ugly; our issue is that most couples on LL either don't answer or requests to meet or they put us off.
What should we do to attract more couples. After all, we are on LL to meet other couples.



Dear (Anonymous),

First, you should consider filling out your profile more completely. Right now, it's a bit sparse, and not very telling of what you seek and does not provide a glimpse of your personalities. Second, you might consider taking some erotic and/or sexy pictures that flatter you both. I think it's wonderful that you have included some candid, everyday shots of yourselves, but think 'seductive'. People are here for fantasy fulfillment, so they want to see the more alluring and playful sides of you both. Consider some sexy, flattering poses. Bedroom eyes and 'take me' photos are a definite turn-on and may garner more attention for you. I see that your initial photo spot is not filled and that all of your photos are in the 'real' section. If this is because of privacy issues, I understand. However, if you can manage a sexy seductive shot of her or of you as a couple that doesn't show your faces (if that is the concern), go for it! You'd be surprised how many people don't even consider profiles without that initial photo. It is, after all, considered the teaser- the one photo that says "Take a deeper look into what we have to offer you".
Hopefully, also, you are sending out personal greetings to others, and not just the canned standard message.
Also, examine the types of couple you are contacting. Ask yourself, realistically, if they would be the types to respond and show interest. I'm not insinuating anything negative by this; it is merely a generalization. Many people tend to aim extremely high (I've been guilty of this) only to be disappointed. I'm not entirely sure of the types of couple you've been contacting, so I can't make any conjectures about how to remedy your correspondence.
Just focus on your pics and profile first, then go from there!

Good luck!
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