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Question: I'm a single female having difficulty making connections

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am a single bi female, and am new to the lifestyle, and new to LL. I am having a tough time getting past my shyness about initiating contact with couples. I was always told that there would be folks beating down my door, just to spend time with me, but this just hasn't happened. The few couples I've been with seemed to have a great time with me, but they haven't invited me to play again. I went to a lifestyle party, and no one talked to me. I've always been considered very attractive, very sexy, with a great personality. I don't mind making the first move, but because of past experiences, I'm more than a little gunshy. There must be something I'm doing wrong.



Dear (Anonymous),

I've thought this over through and through and I'm a bit stumped. If you're all that you say you are, AND you are a single female, then couples SHOULD be beating down your door, and/or inviting you back for seconds.
I would actually have to see you in action to really dissect the problem. Perhaps you should consider bringing this quandary to the forum to iron out. I think you need a pool of people to urge the dialogue along and perhaps pull some clues out of you as to the root of this problem. It seems a bit more complex than what I'm able to see from the small amount of info that you gave me.
I'd be glad however, to take part in the forum discussion and lend my advice along with the masses.
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