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Question: How do you tell someone to wait without turning them off?

Dear Lounge Advice,

How do you slow a person down, without discouraging them?

At a LL event, my husband, I, and another male were seated at a table, chatting with a few others before we were about to head up to our room for fun. The male we were going to play with began to rub my knee under the table. He then moved up and into my panties, and asked me if I liked that?

My husband and I only play together, and I did not know what to do. I preferred the male wait until we were in private WITH my husband before touching me so intimately. My husband was unaware of this man's actions(he was two seats away) and I was uncomfortable because if it.

How do you tell someone to wait without turning them off?



Dear (Anonymous),

"Of cooouuurse I like it, but it's better when we can do it in a more private setting a little bit later in the evening, don't ya think?"
Lay a firm hand over his and give a sly grin.
Optional- *bat eyelashes*

This way, you send your intended message while still letting him know that there's no rush, and that he's GONNA get some later on.

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