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Question: Single male wondering why I can't get laid

Dear Lounge Advice,
Yes, i am a single, good looking white male disease and drug free, why is it that i'm not able to hook up with one of the ladies on this site? I'm not pushy, i've been divorced for two years and since my x is getting laid, i would like to get laid also. what does a descent guy like me have to do to get some action? thank you.



Dear (Anonymous),

Your language is all wrong. If you're just here to 'get laid', then there is the turn-off. Of course your ex is successful. She's a single women and single women are a commodity. Single men are not. To be a successful single man, you need to be more than exceptional. This site is full of single men with one goal in mind- getting laid, as you so eloquently put it. The fact that you're a self-proclaimed good looking drug free male separates you from nobody. You're still coming across as the typical single male, especially in your tone and expectations.

My fiancee was a single male on a swinger's site when I met him. He conducted himself in a gentlemanly manner, and made intelligent conversation with members. He didn't try to get in anyone's pants. He instead carried himself as the educated, eloquent and mannerly man that he was, and still is. He never made the first move, and was always modest. He participated in chat and forums without constantly hitting on women.
The fact that he did this put the greatest point forth- that he was a respectful gentleman.
The fact that people saw that he wasn't out to 'get laid' was the one thing that got him more action than almost any other single males on the site, AND what attracted me to him.
If you believe yourself to be 'decent', prove it. Make friends, not blatant advances. The pushier you are, and the more desperate you seem, the less action you will see. Manners and modesty rule in this world. Without them, you will die, especially as a single male.

Also remember, in any circumstance, if you're dealing with a couple, the male half can like the single girl in order to play, but for a single guy- he has to LOVE the guy in order to invite him into bed with his wife.

I'm sorry for my tone, but your tone rubbed me the wrong way, especially after dealing with single 'swinging' males for ten years now. Become more than 'typical' and please heed my advice, no matter how harsh it may seem.
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