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Question: Why are people non-responsive and/or rude?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Why are people so rude on this site?
You're on this site to meet other people.
So why when someone puts up a booty call and you respond, they don't have courtesy to respond and tell you they are not interested?
Or you say hi to someone on IM, they give a rude response or ignore you. Have the courtesy to say your not interested? Or if your not interested when someone e-mails you, have the courtesy to respond and tell them your not interested???
So the question again is, Why are people so rude and arrogant on this site?



Dear (Anonymous),

We've not had this experience on this site, but have experienced it on other sites. I'm sorry that you have had some unfortunate run-ins. I believe in responding to everyone who e-mails you, even if you're not interested. A polite no-thanks is all it takes. However, not everyone shares this philosophy, as you've come to find out.
Just think of it this way- if they are rude or non-responsive to you, then they obviously aren't the type of people you would want for company, are they? Sometimes, experiencing this is the quickest and easiest way to ascertain someone's character.
Being non-responsive isn't always a matter of arrogance however. Especially with IM's, this may just be a matter of a member who leaves their LL browser up while they're not on the computer. We do this, and get many IM's directed at us when we're not around. So, for us, being non-responsive is just a matter of us not being around when the call comes. Also, some people just feel awful about turning others down, so they don't respond. I've had many members ask me the right way to tell someone they're not interested, because it seems like such a rotten thing to do to someone else. Even though it isn't, they will opt to say nothing instead of feeling like they're shooting someone else down.

It doesn't matter which site you're on. You will experience this no matter where you go. The key to this is not to get so frustrated. Keep on contacting people, and you WILL find that there are more courteous individuals than those who are rude. Have patience and ignore non-responsive people. If you continue to get enraged by it, you'll frustrate too easily and won't get to experience all of the wonderful people that WILL communicate with you. It takes a thick skin to be a part of the internet dating world. And of course, this takes time and experience to develop.
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