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Question: After a potential split-up, what are the odds of finding a LS partner?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Hey, This is a difficult question for me to ask. I have been married for 16 years and as I see it now, it will soon be a page in my history book. I will either work it out or not, and that is not my question. If, God forbid, things do go south for myself and my wife, is there a place in the Lifestyle lounge for single guys who are looking for a single girl of the same interest? Not that I would seek to jump right back in, but should I decide to search out a new relationship, I would want someone who was of simular interest, you know? If there is not, could you give me some advice about where to look?




Dear (Anonymous),

There is a very, very small place for what you seek. I will not give you any false hopes by indicating that it's even more than slightly probable to find what you seek.
If your main goal is to find a partner who is willing to partake in lifestyle activities with you, it's going to be dificult. Most women don't want to enter a partnership knowing that they're significant other plans to share them with others, or that their S/O wishes merely to have a partner to facilitate being with other couples. Not that this is necessarily what your goal is, but she will probably see it that way.
If you want a life-minded lady for the lifestyle, you can either have a great deal of patience and seek her out here or someplace similar, or you can cultivate a relationship outside of the site. The problem with the latter option is that you will certainly need to nurture a trusting relationship with a woman before even entertaining thoughts of having her enter the lifestyle with you. Then, you go about it with extreme care and respect for her feelings in context of the relationship.
It's extremely rare to find any woman who will want to jump right into this with you.
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