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Question: What happens if another couple is becoming too attached to us?

Dear Lounge Advice,
What do you do after a few full swap encounters with the same couple when more interest developes between each pair. It stimulates concern or jealosy about losing part of our great relationship because of the lingering passions . Is it acceptable if they try to contact us separately when neither of us is comfortable with it. The encounters and sex is great but the developing personal feelings is holding us back .By pursuing us as individuals even in a foursome setting are they ultimately going to cause problems? Thinking its over



Dear (Anonymous),

First, it is completely unacceptable if they are trying to contact you separately if they know that you aren't comfortable with that. In doing this, they are showing utter disregard for your relationship. Second, if you feel that the the passion is turning into more than that, it's time to give this foursome some space. When feelings of any type snake into a situation like this, you should really reevaluate your priorities. Is it worth continuing the sexual encounters if it will bring in complicated feelings that could potentially cause strain on all relationship involved? Believe me, I HAVE been in your position, and more than once. The first time it happened, we had to back away from the other couple, since the closer we grew to them, the more it put things under strain. The second time this happened, the involved parties didn't back off in time, resulting in the break-up of a marriage.
Tread carefully here. Perhaps it's time to explore passions with other couples. Given a cool-off time, you may be able to reunite sexually with this other couple if you feel that the emotions won't pervade.
Your relationship with your partner is of paramount importance. Don't allow this to get in the way.
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