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Question: Hubby likes to film, but gets frustrated b/c he doesn't get much action

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband & I are in a very loving & devoted relationship. We started the lifestyle just to see what was out there & to see if it was for us or not. Well, we've had some mmf encounters & turns out we love it, gets us both excited & we just can't get enough. Anyway, my husband enjoys taking pictures & video of our meetings, but feels as if he's getting the short end of the deal. He joins in some but mostly is behind the camera & by the time he's really ready to get going, I'm wore out! Our last few mmf's have ended in us arguing. We don't want to quit the lifestyle, was hoping you had some advice.


At Wits End



Dear (Anonymous),

Simple. Stop filming, or set the camera up in a place that it can catch the action without having an operater. If he wants to film and take photos, he can't necessarily complain about not being able to join in right away. He has to decide on his priorities. Film or have fun? This is entirely his choice. You're not forcing him to document the action.
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