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Question: To shave or not to shave

Dear Lounge Advice,

We've been in the lifestyle for a few months now...really enjoying the exploration and new experiences of it. Have been with several couples, and one MFF, which was great. My question is: prior to getting into this, I only shaved the bikini line area, not underneath or in front.(and trimmed the hair a little in front.) I find that most women in this lifestyle either shave all pubic hair off, or leave only what they term a "landing strip". While I understand the concept of cleanliness and being smooth for tonguing and oral reasons, my man still detects the slight hair stubble on me and dislikes the rough feeling of it on his tongue (it's like licking the side of his face, even after shaving, there's still a little bumpiness). I find it miserable to keep having to shave "down there" all the time. I get nicks, skin irritation, even with top of the line razors.

What are my other options for hair removal in that sensitive area that would work better? What is the big deal about this hairless crotch thing? If a person is clean and the area where the tongue should be placed is in the tender areas within the labia, not on top of the labia where the hair is located, why is this a turn-off? As a mature adult woman, I find it a turn-off for women to be completely shaved, as it makes them look pre-pubescent, like little girls.

Welcome your input on this...meanwhile, am looking into possible other options, like waxing or electrolysis, which both sound very painful, but seems might produce more satisfactory results in the skin smoothness category.




Dear (Anonymous),

Waxing and electrolysis are both great option for 'trimming down' that area. If you aren't the type of gal that prefers having a minute amount of hair, you can still opt to minimize the hair by utilizing more modern methods than jsut shaving.
Personally, I don't prefer a lot of hair on women because (and not to sound crude) I've gone down on a woman before only to come up with a stray hair in my mouth. That can ruin the mood. Most lifestylers prefer neatly cropped and/or shaved pubic regions, especially on the labia.
Although years back, I did sport a decent sized patch of hair on top, I always made sure that underneath, it was smooth. Even if you opt not to shave up high, it's best to keep it hairless underneath to avoid any embarassing moments.
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