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Question: Blown off twice after one encounter

Dear Lounge Advice,

New to the lifestyle and not sure what to think about certain situations.

#1=People who put you on their wish list and never return your e-mail back at them.

#2 = We met a couple recently, had a great time with them - same room sex only. Have chatted online many times and they've been asking "us" out. We Finally made time to meet with them and they totally flaked on us. The day before we were to meet them, the male of the pair suddenely forgot my partners name (ouch - tacky), said they'd call us with details to meet the next evening and then never did.

Personally I really don't know what to think or even how to take it, except being ticked off.
I feel like they were chasing us and we really liked them too, total turn-on that they wanted to see us again ( we have a very busy life outside of the lifestyle and being able to meet up with couples is very hard for us )

Please tell me what to think, my mind is going a million miles an hour..........



Dear (Anonymous),

#1- Not cool. If THEY put YOU on their wishlist and you took the time to e-mail them personally, then their lack of reciprocation is rude. At least now you know that they aren't the type of people you would want to be around anyway if that is an indication of their manners.

#2- That couple is not worth your time. My gut is telling me that they might be the type of swingers that are just in it for multiples conquests. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this, but they sound a bit too much for you. Don't give this couple another second of your time. Inconsiderate people such as that will always be lurking around, and it's unfortunate that we all have to deal with them from time to time. Consider it a lesson learned and move on to find someone more worthy of your time and effort.
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