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Question: Why am I not successful on this site?

Dear Lounge Advice,
i have not had any success with this site. i only have one picture and i am having trouble having people respond to me. is the reason they are not responding because i have not been proven as real? is there some one in my area (san francisco) that could take better pictures of me and certify me as real.?




Dear (Anonymous),

Here are a few reasons your may not be experiencing success:

1) You're a single male. Single males are extremely abundant on swinger's sites, therefore making their chance of meeting others quite slim.
2) Most couples do not wish to be contacted by single males. Make sure you read the profiles before e-mailing.
3)You don't have a real seal.
4) You have one picture. I do not know of any photographers in your area, but you can buy a webcam and take your own pictures for now.
5) Try to correct your spelling and mechanics in your profile. Presenting yourself as a literate, intelligent individual sends a positive message.
6) Have patience. This process of meeting people takes time for anyone, especially single males.
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