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Question: How do I screen people without using this website frequently?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I have only experimented with the Lifestyle this past year, but haven't fully committed to it. We are a very sensual couple, and have already experienced FMF, and same room sex with two other couples. This excites her when it happens, it's just that she interprets my interest with the Lifestyle, as well as visiting LL everyday, as being obsessive. So this part turns her off.

My frustration, and ultimate question is, how do we meet the other people from LL out in public, without me screening them first on the website? It's almost as if it's fine if we bump into someone and it's just drinks and dancing. Then if there is chemistry, I'm sure she's all for it. But when she knows I'm looking on the site everyday, she dissaproves.

Sincerely, Confused



Dear (Anonymous),

Ask her to look on the site to screen people if she doesn't like you doing it. You're right. There's really no sure fire way to really get a good idea of who you want to meet if you don't check them out thoroughly here first. If she's really into the lifestyle, she'll take you up on the offer to do it herself.
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