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Question: Why don't people respond?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We joined this site because some friends said the couples on here had better follow through than most....well, shocker, we are not seeing it. What to do about folks who just dont seem to have the courtesy of timely responses, even once THEY contact us first...do you say anything and how much time is reasonable to wait for a response? Very frustrating!!



Dear (Anonymous),

Don't get hung up on waiting for responses. If you don't get them (which happens to all of us), just brush it off. Ignore the poor ettiquette and just tell yourself that if these poeple aren't polite enough to respond, you probably didn't want to make their acquaintance anyways.

Sometimes, there are members who wonít write back at all if theyíre not interested, which tends to leave you hanging. If they donít return your correspondence, that is probably a good indication that they arenít interested. This would appear to be a general disregard for othersí feelings, or perhaps the people you e-mailed just donít know how to tell you that they arenít interested, so they donít say anything at all. Ironically, this tends to hurt feelings more than just a simple Ďno-thank youí response. In certain situations, people may just be preoccupied in life and may not have gotten around to checking up on their accounts in a while due to other priorities.
If you prefer to know that they arenít interested, instead of just being left to wonder, you can always say end your initial e-mails to people by requesting that they write back to you, even if they arenít interested. If they still choose not to allow you that courtesy, even after your polite request, well, then they probably werenít worth getting to know anyways. Weíre all adults, and we all know what is respectful and what is not. Not everyone can be expected to take the high road. There is absolutely no need to say anything to people who don't repsond to you. Just move on.

Just don't let them frustrate you. For every non-responsive member, there are many more just waiting for your letters of interests so they can start to correspond. Hve patience grasshopper. It's worth it!
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