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Does this make me a cuckold?
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Lifestyle Etiquette
Perhaps I just want to know your opinion and if you agree that their behavior was rude?
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How do I reel him back in or can I?
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Friendships, Clubs & More...
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Question: The title for this one eludes me...completely.

Dear Lounge Advice,

You guys are funny! I am a single guy and I understand all the issues and "phobias" couples have with singles. I understand the need for security. On other web sites I have been somewhat successful and I have never had any bad review or rejection by a "Lifestyler/s" I have ever met so far. So, I think I "get it"! I have only been on your website for a week and I am starting to wonder about how reasonable your website is.

In order to meet people it is good to review profiles and go to clubs (taken right from one of your own advice postings...) so you can present yourself respectfully and with understanding. However, in order to view pictures and club listings I have to be certified. And in order to be certified, I have to meet a couple which I can't even review or meet at a Lifestyle Lounge event or club because I am not certified??????? I could come right out and ask or try to convince a couple to certify me but I think that really reduces the point of being a good single and earning a certification by friends.

Ok, I understand your logic although it makes no sense to me. However, in your advice topics...you are giving out advice with URL's to other sites but you won't allow anyone to copy the link so they can easily go to the site you are sugesting?

Tell me again why you got into swinging? Was it to be more open minded?



Dear (Anonymous),

Pardon me, but before you accuse me of any of the aformentioned, allow me to inform you of something. I am a member of this site, not an employee. I do this for free as a service to my fellow lifestylers. I have no control over the features or the operations of this site.

I have never given out a URL to another site either. I am relatively new to doing the advice here, and any URL's provided were given by the last volunteer advice members.

If you have a problem with the way this site is run, I suggest you bring your concerns to those who run the site, instead of trampling on the volunteer member (me) who gives advice in my spare time, free of cost.

So please, restrain from your accusatory tone, as I have nothing to do with any other feature on this site.

Thank you
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