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Question: What's stopping us from getting into the LS?

Dear Lounge Advice,
My boyfriend and I have been swinger in the lifestyle for about 4yrs or more but we were never a couple before, we were just friends that meet in the lifestyle and now that we are a couple we stopped swinging, but the problem we are having is that we still want to swing but we dont think we can watch eachother play. I want more men, and he wants women but I dont want to see him with anyone else and the same with him, so its hard for us to get back into the lifestyle, how do we start again? we have talked for hours about our feelings, and yet when we are done its like "What, are we swingers or NOT".. I love him and he loves me, we trust eachother but something is stopping us for enjoying the lifestyle we use too..



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, if you trust each other, then what's stopping you? While I do realize it's dificult to get used to the feeling of watching your loved one with someone else, you need to make a decision. Maybe it's just not your time yet, which it completely fine.
Take some more time for yourselves and experience the love between you two. The lifestyle will also be here if you ever decide it's the right time. Until then, what's the rush?
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