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Question: Caught...in a VERY embarrasing situation!

Dear Lounge Advice,

Help! Mrs was caught by Mr's vanilla best friend! Mrs has recently starting exploring single men while the Mr watches. Our second "victim" is a life-long friend of the Mr's that we just brought the idea of swinging up to. The first experience was a great blow job in "victim's" kitchen while Mr watched. Last night we attended a vanilla party at "victim"s house. There was talk of playing at the end of the party, but we were skeptical because Mr's best friend lives with "victim". As the very drunken party died down we (Mr and Mrs MCKC) talked about Mrs getting freaky with "victim". Everyone was in bed while Mrs and victim started going at it while Mr was on the couch. Although Mr was talking and appeared awake, he was indeed basically passed out. Mrs and "victim" were very caught up in the moment and did not notice Mr's best friend walk into the room. Mr was passed out at this time. Mr's best friend and his girlfriend were shocked. They made their presents known but immediately left the room. Mr has spoken with his best friend about being "freaky" in the bedroom and exploring with other girls, but nothing like what he walked in on. Mr is extremely embarrassed and didn't even remember the activities of the night until Mrs reminded him the next morning. (He was intoxicated.) Although we know nothing Mrs did was wrong, how do explain this situation to Mr's best friend and his girlfriend?? They assumed Mrs was cheating. Mrs is embarrassed because she doesn't want Mr's friends to assume our relationship is in turmoil, when it is in fact at it's peak. Mr is angry about the carelessness of the night. How do we explain this situation to a vanilla friend? We're lost and embarrassed!!



Dear (Anonymous),

At this point, the only thing left to do is let the truth out. All of it. I think that everyone would be more understanding and less confused if it was just told as is. I tink that if the roommate knew it was a swinging situation, he would be much more apt to understand.
This is just one of those times to be frank. No amount of beating around the bush or trying to cover up the reality of the situation is going to help.
Hell, the roommate would probably think his bud is pretty damn cool if he knew the truth!
Right now, he probably just thinks his friend is first class scum.
Clear the air. Fast.
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